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Questions about memberships/prices?

  • 28-Dec-2015 5:29 PM
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    One Time Fee:

    Founder Membership $500

    Regular Membership $200

    Read About Membership levels here

    Membership dues:

    Dues are prorated quarterly, so if you attend an orientation class in:

    Jan, Feb, March - your dues for 2017 are $150

    April, May, June - your dues for 2017 are $112.50

    July, Aug, Sept your dues for 2017 are $75

    Oct, Nov, Dec your dues for 2017 are $37.50

    Why do we prorate dues?

    This helps us make our project and operational budget come the beginning of every year. Dues must be paid by January 1st of each year. So your dues are only prorated the year you join. Then every consecutive year after joining, you pay the full amount.

    Per the club Policies and Procedures document, dues shall be assessed by the date of the orientation class. We will not post date membership start dates.

    Can I pay the Founder Membership dues upfront for 15 years?

    No, we do not accept upfront payments for the full 15 years for a founder membership.

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