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200 yd reduced xtc (across the course)


CCGCI Members: $20

Non-Club Members: $25

Juniors (<21): $10


Match Info

NRA Across the Course (XTC) Highpower Rifle Competition, shooters compete with either a Service Rifle or a Match Rifle. The Service Rifle division is limited to either the M1, M14, M16, M110 or their commercial equivalents such as an AR15, AR10 or M1A. 

Match Rifles typically are of custom make, conforming to the desires of the shooter. They are more free of regulations than are the Service Rifles. Shooting is typically done with metallic aperture, or peep, sights. 

New NRA rules allow the use of optics in NRA XTC matches. Match Rifles need to have either an internal magazine or external magazine capable of reloading 5 rounds quickly. CMP Excellence in Competition (EIC) matches (AKA "Leg" matches) require the use of the United States Service Rifle (M1, M14, M16, or commercial equivalents) with standard iron sights. Shooters competing XTC, usually fire at distances of 200, 300, and 600 yards. 


Registration: 8:00 to 8:30. DO NOT be late or you’ll miss the mandatory safety briefing at 8:30 and will not be able to shoot

First shot downrange at 9:00 am.

Walk down range - Sight-in period

Match 1: 200yds, Slow Fire, standing, 10 shots, 10 minutes

Match 2: 200yds, Rapid Fire, sitting, 10 shots, 60 seconds

Match 3: 200yds, Rapid Fire, prone, 10 shots, 70 seconds

Match 4: 200 yds, Slow Fire, prone, 20 shots, 20 minutes

Match 5: Aggregate of Matches 1-4

200-Yd Match Bulletin

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