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President: Dennis Manson
Vice-President: John Bechtel
2nd Vice-President: Mike Rutchka
Treasurer: David Devine
Secretary: Carly Anderson


Rangemaster: Bryan Cobb
Asst. Rangemaster: Dennis Manson
Chief RSO: Dennis Manson


HP Matches: David Devine
VM Matches: David Devine
2 Gun Matches: Cat Smallwood 
Field Target: Gerald Long


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CCGCI Members: $10

Non-Club Members: $15

Juniors (<21): Free


  • No Scheduled Matches

This match is open to anyone, and is designed with the "first timer" in mind. All you really need to participate is an appropriate rifle, at least 60 rounds of ammunition, something to eat and drink (recommend it be water to stay hydrated), and you're all set! If you have all the High Power gear (mat, scope, etc.) bring it along. If you don't that's okay too, we will try to squad you with someone who will share theirs. We intend to make participation fun and easy!

The reduced course allows you to learn the fundamentals and work on technique. When our 600yd range is ready you'll have the skills to take it to the next step in shooting out to 600 yards in the new CCGCI High Power Rifle program.

An appropriate rifle ...

Basically, any bolt action or semi-automatic rifle that has iron sights and can be reloaded either via stripper clips or detachable magazine can be used in this event. This includes .22 rimfire rifles such as the Ruger 10-22 or Remington 741x. Scopes or other electronic sights are not allowed.

You are not limited to just those types of rifles allowed in normal High Power rifle competition, such as the AR-15, M1A (M14), M1 Garand, or Match Rifle. Surplus military bolt rifles such as the Mauser, British Lee-Enfields, or Mosin-Nagant are also allowed.

Also recommend your rifle having a sling (personal recommendation if you need to purchase one, is to get a cotton web). Bipods will not be allowed to be used.

Again, as long as it can be reloaded via stripper clip or detachable magazine, has iron sights, and is safe to shoot you can participate with that rifle in this event. Safety is paramount though and the match director reserves the right to disallow rifles based on safety concerns. If you have a concern about a particular rifle, contact the Match Director.

  • All you need is a rifle, at least 60 rounds of ammo, a good attitude, and be ready to have some fun.
  • If you have the following, it would be nice but you do not have to have them
  • Shooting glove (a work glove can work)
  • Shooting mat (something about 3'x6' to lay on)
  • Spotting scope (binoculars can work. You might want to see where you shots hit)

Sorry guys and gals, no .50 BMGs allowed.


Registration: 8:00 to 8:30. DO NOT be late or you’ll miss the mandatory safety briefing at 8:30 and will not be able to shoot

First shot downrange at 9:00 am.

Ten-minute sight in period

Match 1: 100yds, Slow Fire, standing, 10 shots, 10 minutes

Match 2: 100yds, Rapid Fire, sitting, 10 shots, 60 seconds

Match 3: 100yds, Rapid Fire, prone, 10 shots, 70 seconds

Match 4: 100yds, Slow Fire, prone, 20 shots, 20 minutes

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