May 2018 Newsletter

Central Carolina Gun Club


19. Parking is allowed in the gravel parking areas. Handicapped parking is allowed near the rifle range shelter and behind the multi-purpose pits for those with state issued handicapped signs.


The grass seed is taking its time. Please refrain from walking over the seeded areas of Range 4 and 5.

David has held a few matched on range 8 - the report is the ground is still very soft, and any vehicle that drives off the end of the gravel road to the target board area will get stuck.

We put gravel down in both 25-yard bays. Should make the ranges more user friendly during the rainier days.

We purchased a wireless Target Vision Camera. David will be using it at some of his high power matches. Come see it in action.


M1 Garand Match | May 20:

Match Bulletin

CMP Sanctioned Match - This means you need a notarized affidavit and juniors need a youth range release! Please go to the match page for information.

Cookout & Open House | .22 Pistol Match

Cookout & Open House: starts at 1 PM

If you came last month and didn't see anyone up at the picnic shelter - we were all down at Range 3 watching the poker match! 

Same as last month. CCGCI will be providing some of the food. Please bring a dish to pass, so there is food for all.

.22 Pistol Match starts at 12 PM (registration open 11:30):

This is a beginner/fun match. Purpose is to allow new shooters to run through a match style course without the intimidation of knowing rules, positions, range commands, etc - we will walk through the progression of the match. Information is available on the cookout info page - including the match bulletin which contains an explanation of range commands used during the match. The style match is called a National Match Course which has shooting positions at 50 and 25 yards. Since this is not a sanctioned match and is intended as an intro, I may just reduce the positions to 30 and 15 yards.

Please register in advance to help planning!

Multiple Training Opportunities:

Range Safety Officer

Concealed Carry

  • Saturday May 12th
  • Saturday May 26th
  • Saturday June 9th
  • Saturday June 23rd


5-May | 9:00 AM
NCRPA Junior High Power 
Range 3
12-May | 8:00 AM
Ranges 1,2,6,7
12-May | 9:00 AM
3668 Fleming Graham Rd
13-May | 11 AM
Ranges 1,2,6,7
13-May | 1:30 PM
Range 2
19-May | 8:00 AM
Range 4
20-May | 8:00 AM
Range 3
20-May | 2:00 PM
5176 N NC Hwy 62
26-May | 12:00 PM
5176 N NC Hwy 62

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1. ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.

2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

3. ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.