Central Carolina Gun Club, Inc.


1. CCGCI is a cold range. All firearms shall be unloaded before entering the property. Exceptions being firearms carried under the guidance of a concealed carry permit or Sworn Law Enforcement Officers who are authorized by state or federal law to openly carry.

2. When transporting firearms from vehicles to ranges, they must be cased or have an empty chamber indicator installed.

3. When the range is COLD, all firearms shall be unloaded and have an empty chamber indicator installed. Revolvers shall have the cylinders open and exposed.

4. No handling of firearms while the range is COLD or a "cease-fire" has been called.

5. All firearms shall not be loaded unless on the firing line and the range is HOT.

6. All firearms shall be treated as if they are loaded at all times.

7. Proper muzzle control shall be observed at all times.

8. Misfires must be cleared before anyone goes down range.

9. No tracer, explosive or incendiary ammunition is allowed at any time.

10. Only shooters, scorers, range safety officers and coaches/trainers are allowed on the firing line.

11. Zero all firearms in the multi-purpose pits before moving to the rifle range.

12. Eye and ear protection is required for all shooters at all times and for spectators when in proximity of the firing line.


14. No members or guests will be permitted on the range while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


15. Members must display membership cards while on range property at all times.

16. Driving on the range is not permitted unless approved by the Rangemaster for maintenance purposes or events.

17. Members are responsible for their children, guests and pets.

18. Each member is allowed two guests. Guests must remain with members at all times.

19. Parking is allowed in the gravel parking areas. Handicapped parking is allowed near the rifle range shelter and behind the multi-purpose pits for those with state issued handicapped signs.

20. Range hours are sun-up to sun-down, 7 days a week. No night shooting is allowed. On Sundays shooting may not be done before 9:00AM. You may setup prior to this time and matches can hold registration, setup and preparation, but shooting will not begin prior to 9:00AM.

21. Bumpfire(*)  shooting is not allowed.

22. Shooting with full-auto, slide-fire stock(**) firearms or rifle calibers greater than .30(***) is only permitted when endorsed, in writing, by the Rangemaster.

23. Shotguns are only permitted on the shotgun gun range unless shooting is at an Executive Committee approved event.

24. All shooting shall be directed into berms on Rangemaster approved ranges only.

25. All targets must be placed directly in front of existing berms and shall NOT be placed above eye level of the shooter.

26. Targets shall NOT be placed on target frames or posts. Target frames and posts are club property and shall not be used as targets. Purposefully destroying club property will result in membership termination.

27. Appropriate targets shall be used so that all bullets strike the berms.

28. No glass or other targets that leave debris are allowed except biodegradable clay targets.

29. Members are expected to leave the area free of used targets, trash and debris when they leave.

30. Endorsements are not transferable to other members or guests, unless approved by the Executive Committee.


31. No loose caps or open powder allowed on the firing line.

32. No capping of black powder until on the firing line and muzzle control is observed.

33. In case of a hang-fire, a "cease-fire" must be called. Keep the firearm pointed downrange for a minimum of two minutes before inspecting the firearm.


34. No handling of firearms while standing behind the designated firing line. Magazines may be loaded behind the firing line but must NOT be loaded into the firearm until on the firing line.

35. Targets must be placed on the existing target boards. No shooting into berms on the left, right or behind unless shooting in an Executive Committee approved event.

36. No exploding targets allowed in the multi-purpose pits.

37. AR500 steel targets are allowed in the multi-purpose pits when endorsed, in writing, by the Rangemaster for handguns only. Minimum shooting distance is 15 yards.

38. No shooting allowed from behind the center berm.

39. Full auto shooting is allowed when endorsed, in writing, by the Rangemaster.

40. Drawing from concealment is allowed so long as members on the firing line have been notified.


41. No placing of targets or target frames at distances less than 100 or 200-yards on the respective rifle ranges.

42. All members not going down range must stand behind the yellow line. Firearms cannot be cased to leave or uncased when arriving until the range is HOT.

43. Before calling the firing line HOT, verify the range is clear and all shooters are aware the line is going HOT.

44. No moving in front of the red line when the range is HOT.

45. No fully automatic shooting on the rifle ranges.

46. Handgun shooting is allowed on the 100-yard range only when endorsed, in writing, by the Rangemaster.

47. Exploding targets are only allowed under the supervision of a range safety officer (RSO) who is approved by the Rangemaster.

48. AR500 steel targets are only allowed when endorsed, in writing, by the Rangemaster. Steel targets can only be used on the 200-yard rifle range.

49. Shooting ultra-high power calibers(e.g. 338 Lapua, 50 BMG, etc.) on club provided steel targets is prohibited.


50. Steel shot and slugs are not permitted on any range.

51. Lead shot of any size permitted on shotgun range only.


(*) Bumpfire: bumpfire is the act of using recoil of a semi-automatic firearm to fire multiple shots in rapid succession, which very crudely simulates the discharge of a fully autometic firearm. Typically shot from the hip and not controllable.

(**) Slide-fire stock: Is not an adjustable stock or trigger manipulation device. Designed to shoot from the shoulder allowing shooter to maintain their direction of fire.

(***) .30 caliber rule: This is an NRA rule that applies to rifle calibers only. Caliber up to but NOT including 338 Lapua may be shot at CCGCI.

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