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The 2023 American Airgun Field Target Association (AAFTA) rules will be followed for Open, Hunter and WFTF.


Eye protection is required for all shooters at all times as well as spectators when in proximity of the firing line.

For additional information contact Gerald Long: gerald@ccgci.org


Field Target (FT) is a precision shooting discipline utilizing air rifles and was originally intended to simulate small game hunting. The first FT match was held in the UK around 1980. Since then, the sport has grown into a precision shooting event with highly specialized rifles and equipment. In FT competition the objective is to hit a small “kill” zone hole in the target face plate that typically resembles a small animal. A successful shot strikes a metal paddle and tips the target face plate backwards indicating a hit. Targets are reset by pulling a string from the shooting position.

A FT match generally consists of 60 shots (2 shots on 30 targets), placed at unspecified distances between 10 and 55 yards from the firing line. Generally, targets are placed at or near ground level, but more challenging FT courses have targets elevated high above the shooting position or down steep slopes. FT competitions adhere to a set of rules that cover safety, shooting positions and equipment restrictions. The US governing body for FT is the American Airgun Field Target Association, AAFTA, and these rules are published in their Handbook (www.AAFTA.org).

Hunter Class

The Hunter Division rules are intended to promote accessibility to the sport of Field Target, and theuse of typical hunting equipment. As such, the rules shall enforce limits on the type of allowed equipment and shall allow for a broad range of competitor physical fitness and conditioning. See page 8 in the handbook for Hunter Division Rules.

Open Class

The Open Division rules are intended to promote diversity and innovation to advance the state of the art in the sport of Field Target. See page 8 in the handbook for Open Class Rules.

World Field Target Federation (WFTF)

The WFTF Division rules are intended to promote International style Field Target competition, and assuch shall closely resemble the World Field Target Federation (WFTF) Core Rules. See page 10 in the handbook for WFTF rules.

Club Unlimited Class

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