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President: Dennis Manson
Vice-President: John Bechtel
2nd Vice-President: Mike Rutchka
Treasurer: David Devine
Secretary: Carly Anderson


Rangemaster: Bryan Cobb
Asst. Rangemaster: Dennis Manson
Chief RSO: Dennis Manson


HP Matches: David Devine
VM Matches: David Devine
2 Gun Matches: Cat Smallwood 
Field Target: Gerald Long
Steel Challenge: Carly Anderson

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Questions about Steel Challenge? Contact the Match Director at Steel@ccgci.org

We are currently in the planning phase. Please stay tuned!

Shooting a Steel Match is all about how fast you can hit 5 steel targets from a stationary position (no running, kneeling or lying down)You will do this 5 times per stage while being timed. Only your 4 fastest times count. You may shoot the steel targets in any order except for the Stop Plate, which you must hit last. The Stop Plate is marked by a red mounting post. 

There are only eight designated set ups for this challenge series as shown below. We can also have optional wildcard set ups that will not count towards a steel challenge "ranks" but could be a fun club level competition. CCGCI is not affiliated with Steel Challenge Shooting Association at this time, but we will incorporate their match disciplines.

2021 SCSA Rulebook

If you are interested, please let us know -  questionnaire


RIM FIRE (any 22 LR ammo)

  • Open
  • Iron Sights


  • Open
  • Iron Sights
CENTERFIRE PISTOL: Any pistol firing (9mm/.38 Special) or larger ammunition
  • OPEN: This is the race division! All legal firearms are allowed. Optics and Compensators are specifically allowed.
  • LIMITED: Any iron-sighted pistol without a compensator, barrel ports, or optical sight. Fiber optic inserts are specifically allowed.
  • PRODUCTION: Any double action or safe action pistol on the USPSA Production gun list. Holsters must follow USPSA Handgun Rules for the Production Division except as specifically noted.

  • SINGLE STACK: 1911 models only. Holsters must follow USPSA Handgun Rules for the Single Stack Division.

  • REVOLVER: Any revolver can be used for competition. Fiber optic inserts are specifically allowed. No barrel length or holster restrictions. No restrictions for maximum rounds.

    • Optic Sight Revolver
    • Iron Sight Revolver
  • CARRY OPTICS: A double action or safe action/striker-fired semi-automatic pistol equipped with an optic sight. Compensators or ports are not allowed.


All ammunition used in competition must be safe, serviceable, and appropriate for the firearm being used.

  • Minimum cartridge for centerfire competitions (38 Special/9X19).

  • Rimfire firearms must be .22 Long Rifle (.22LR) only. No powderless cartridges.

  • No multiple-projectile or magnum loads allowed.

  • Any ammunition deemed unsafe or likely to damage the targets will be removed from use. Examples include, but are not limited to: Steel Jacketed, Steel core, tracer, and incendiary ammunition.

  • There are no minimum power factor or velocity minimums in Steel Challenge.

  • The Pistol Caliber Carbine Divisions (PCCI/PCCO) have a maximum velocity of 1600 feet per second.

Category Awards


Competitors listed as female on their government issued ID


Full-time law enforcement officers with arrest powers


Military personnel on current active duty orders


All competitors under 13 years old on the first day of the event qualify. See Junior Category for additional rules and guidelines


All competitors 13-17 years old on the first day of the event qualify. All competitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parent or guardian throughout the competition. If the parent/guardian is competing in the event, they must be squadded together.


All competitors who are 55-64 years of age on the first day of the event qualify


All competitors who are 65 years of age or older on the first day of the event qualify

Central Carolina Gun Club is a non-profit, outdoor pistol and rifle range located in Alamance County North Carolina. The Club’s purpose is to provide a facility where members promote the characteristics of honesty, fellowship, self-discipline, team play and self-reliance, which are the essentials of good sportsmanship and the foundation of true patriotism.

5167 North NC 62 Highway
Burlington, NC 27217

Email: info@ccgci.org
VM: 336-223-3665

(for contact only - not payments)

PO BOX 9163
Greensboro, NC 27429

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